Heartfelt Birthdays

Birthdays are Special!
At Heartfelt, we offer unique craft activities, face painting, and games to help celebrate your child's special day. Available times include Fridays after school and Saturdays at 10:30 am, 1:00 pm, 3:00 pm.  available to book your child's party. 


Birthday Party Information

A party at Heartfelt includes...

Choose a craft from our list (see below). Each participant will get a bag to take home their handcrafted treasure.

Games & More 
We have such fun with games and activities like face painting. See below for ideas; Lisa will discuss what will work best for your child's party.

Cake, Food & Gifts
Bring your child's favorite cake or treat. Another idea is to head over to
Sebastian Joes for ice cream; make a parade out of it! Consider finger foods (such as having pizza delivered) if your party is after school or at another hungry time of day. Gifts may be opened during the party if you wish; we have a fun, all-inclusive spin on present opening.

We are happy to meet with you and your child to discuss activities and show you samples of the various craft options. If you would like to suggest to your guests gifts from Heartfelt; we can facilitate a birthday wish list for your child.


Pricing includes a craft, carry bag, games and activities.  Parties last 1 1/2 to 2 hours depending on the activities chosen, the age and number of children, and whether gifts will be opened at the party.  

  • $299 for ages 4 and up, for groups of 8 to 10 children.  More than 10 children? $25 per additional child.  
  • $229 for ages 4 and up, for groups up to 7 children.  Consider this party size if your child is young or shy in large groups.
  • $149 for ages 3 and up, for groups of up to 5 children.  A nice choice to the very young.  Budget-friendly, too!


    "Thank you so much for such a fun party on Saturday. Your patience is beyond belief and I appreciate you being willing to have so many kids. Marie had a ball, as did her pals, and we will be back soon for more craft fun.Thank you again!" - Therese

    "We celebrated my daughter's seventh birthday at Heartfelt. It was the best birthday experience we've had. The kids spent the time together working on a craft project. Afterwards, they had the freedom to play and wander through the creative environment. Not only did the kids have a great time, several of the parents stayed because the store has such a warm, relaxing vibe. Absolutely the easiest, best party we've had in the past seven years!" - Christi

    "Thank you so much for having such a lovely, creative and fun party for my son's fourth birthday. We loved  the "Magic Wool Workshop" theme and the darling wooly creatures that we made during the party. Our favorites were the butterflies and brown bunnies. My son's favorite will no doubt be the monster that you created especially for him! Thanks again!" - Alison, Dale and Joshua

    Is it our imagination or does it seem like children's birthday parties are getting bigger and more elaborate with every passing year? And even with all the bells and whistles, does it somehow feel like something is missing?

    Birthday parties are different at Heartfelt, a cozy craft studio/ shop located in Linden Hills. Owner Lisa MacMartin offers crafting parties with an old fashioned flair. Activities like a treasure hunt, puppet show, face painting, games, and crafts using natural materials are all part of making a child's day extra special. Favorite crafts include decorating a miniature fairy cottage, making a wooden rainbow sword using watercolor sticks, creating fairy or mermaid dolls, even planting a miniature garden. And the large tree house inside the Heartfelt shop is a unique gathering place for the birthday child and their friends.

    "I adore birthday parties!" says MacMartin. "As a child, my birthdays were quite simple, just cake and presents with my family. When my daughter was little, I took great delight in hosting her birthday at home. We always did a craft, played games, had a puppet show, made goodie bags, and enjoyed homemade cake with a group of her friends. Now that I have my shop, I am thrilled to offer memorable quality parties for children."

    Parents and children alike enjoy MacMartin's birthday parties. Over the years, MacMartin has heard responses like: "This is the best birthday party we have ever had!" "I am so relaxed--I keep thinking there is more I should be doing, but you have everything handled." "I want to have my next party at Heartfelt."

    MacMartin strives for personal connection through the sharing of creative activities. She runs all the birthday parties at Heartfelt herself, often with a helper. Parents comment on her sense of calm, even at the height of birthday party excitement. MacMartin smiles, "I work with groups of kids every day and we have birthday parties at the shop most weekends. We have a lot of fun--it's especially satisfying to celebrate with birthday children and their friends. I love my work!"