Surfing a New Year

Happy New Year! It's always quite an adjustment for the retailer when the holiday rush ends. There is still lots to do (year end accounting, markdowns, inventory and trade shows) but the quiet and slower pace of the business takes some getting used to. It's just not as exciting to do book work as it is to greet crowds of excited holiday crafters!

As I page through my 2013 calendar--yup, I am an old fashioned girl, a paper calendar for me still--I wonder what the months ahead will bring. As an optimist, it was always my tendency to look ahead with positive hopes. Then in 2009, I had pretty much the worst year of my life. Family troubles with my mother came first, then not one but two cancer diagnoses (breast and ovarian), with surgeries and chemotherapy. I finished that year bald and weak but alive. It was very hard but I learned that you can get used to anything if you have to! 

Now more than three years later, I am strong and healthy but I don't take that for granted. Indeed, when my old business Wonderment had to close, my cancer experiences and the knowledge that none of us know how long we've got spurred me on to start Heartfelt all in a rush. And I am so glad I did--the store has afforded me such a lovely sense of community with you and so many perfect special moments of connection.

So bring it on, 2013. We can plan all we like but in truth, riding the waves of what life brings our way is what living is all about. 


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