Winter Walks

After several weeks of winter mood doldrums, I have finally  gotten back to taking lake walks in the mornings. Once I got out there, I couldn't figure out why I had stopped--it was so incredibly beautiful! Laziness probably. Seasonal depression certainly. Movement and being in nature are antidotes but getting out there can be a real challenge. It helps that my husband loves winter--I just need to follow in his wake as he heads out the door. Zorro too is a positive influence--if we humans got half as excited as dogs do at the prospect of a walk, we would all be healthier for it!

And the days are getting longer, the quality of light changing as we inch towards spring. Come see our window with new woodland cutouts, our baskets of wooden eggs and little birds' nests. Even the cold days don't feel quite so cold when we hold the hope of spring in our hearts.


My children and I just stumbled upon your store today and were so taken aback by the whimsy and warmth we felt while visiting. I wrote a fun little blog post about it on our family blog, and I want to thank you for the fun you provided for us this morning. We will definitely come back and look forward to crafting with you again!

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