PRESCHOOL FESTIVALS: Seasonal gatherings offered once per month, September through May. ***Advance Registration Required***

See our current monthky schedule of crafts for the most current information.

This early childhood age is all about tactile experiences and the wonder of color. We love to play with wool, pinecones, corn, homemade playdough, and watercolors. The children delight in running their hands through the corn kernels, pulling the wool, felting it with warm soapy water. We strive to meet the child where he/she lives - in a dreamy playful state - and to celebrate the changing seasons and the richness of the nature around us. Whether attending our once monthly preschool festivals or visiting the store on a shopping trip, our space encourages low-key play with simple toys, a visit to the much beloved tree house, and even a cozy chair for relaxing. We have many wonderful toys for just this age, plus great resources for parents. Ask us, because we've been there too! And we have plenty of crafting projects perfect for young crafters!